Sebastian KrugConrad-Blenkle-Str. 6910407 Berlinkrug.sebastian@gmail.com29.07.2018Serverthis is a "http" serverIts purpose is to compute graphs and to display "png" images. So, it is by no means assured that any purposeness is fulfilled.Additionally, date picking is being supplied: In turn this is a proof of concept. Time computing of additional ... days hours minutes secondsCookies: They aren't being used yet: Cookies may be used in the future; Personal data isn't processed; So, access is being set up without means of cookies. Log-files: They are endorsed throughout Information technology. This "server" isn't processing any such files. So, no log-file is being used.Tracking-services: These services aren't served at any time yet. So, no such connection is being set up.Registration: It is neither mandatory nor optional henceforth no such service is being set up.Actually, it is a "SOA" server: graphs that can be parameterized; x^2-x-12 x^3-x^2Mr. Sebastian Krug